About Us

Intelligent workspaces designed to let doers think, do and work to their highest potential.

We create spaces for budding corporates and established businesses to think, do and grow in an environment that encourages creativity, nurtures enterprise and allows uninterrupted productivity.

With flexible office configurations, unmatched infrastructure and costs that facilitate accurate affordable budgeting we give organisations room to manoeuvre in dynamic business conditions. Workenstein is space that is geared for healthy, profitable growth.

At Workenstein, we believe in productivity in comfort. Caffeine healing and ergonomic comforts are the tip of the iceberg. From connectivity, security and privacy to the minute details of housekeeping, you will find the systems and services needed to help keep operations running smoothly, while you focus on strategic, core business areas.

We design our facilities to make teamwork easy and you can quickly network with people who can complement your skills and help you take your ideas further.

Workenstein is a place where you can perform to maximum potential, without operational hassles or infrastructural limits. Move in for space to work, and room to grow.