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Office space and Productivity


Productivity and office spaces open up a Pandora’s Box of ideas, arguments and factual information on how modern organizations are restructuring their workspaces to increase collaboration and to spark that essential innovation, which happens when people casually meet. During the…

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Why a business centre is a perfect fit for an IT company


Information technology is one of the major reasons behind economic growth of our country. Along with it, it has empowered the growth of other sectors with its services. IT industry has digitized almost all other sectors from banking and engineering…

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How working in serviced office spaces can help your business?


Serviced office spaces, considered as a work style that will spice up the corporate work culture, is getting extremely popular these days. The concept basically involves a shared working environment, such as an office complex, except the complex has more…

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Tips for Networking in a Shared Office Space


One of the biggest advantages of working in a shared office space is that you get to connect with people who work in various industries. From freelancers to entrepreneurs, in a shared office space, you find people who are creative,…

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Things to Consider when Renting a Shared Office Space


Just got your big startup idea? Expanding your existing business? Signed a big deal? Congratulations to you! What next, you ask? Your very own office space, of course! But before considering on renting an expensive private office space, why not…

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