Frequently asked questions

A 24/7 fully functional & furnished facility with flexible office sizes and support services including administrative services, office equipment, conference as well as meeting facilities on demand.

At Workenstein, you can avail of:

● Fully serviced suites and workstations
● Client greeting and reception services by professional staff
● Facilities for training staff and meetings
● High capacity IT such as redundancy ports and telecommunications systems with the latest tech
● Cafés and breakout areas
● Secretarial and administrative support
● Access to a glossary of services like Hospitals, Restaurants, Media & Advertising, HR services and much more.

A 24/7 Workenstein office allows you to minimise your capital expenditure and investment risk. In addition, you have the flexibility to take up exactly as much space as you need, unlike conventional office space.

● Flexible plans
● Freedom from rigid commitments
● Size up or down at will
● Enjoy full range of support services and systems

Workenstein caters to a range of needs effectively:

● Project space for existing companies
● Offshore Development Centers
● Organisation needing flexible space to expand
● Companies entering new markets
● Swing-space for the short-term
● For setting up new offices
● Sales/branch offices
● Back office support teams
● Firms wanting to reduce costs of their existing conventional space
● MNCs

Generally, the quoted area is the gross size, which could mean that usable public areas such as meeting venues, refreshment areas and the lobby are taken into account.

● Located strategically
● High quality address, with buildings that create the right impression
● Office space with flexible configurations
● Infrastructure and maintenance you can depend on
● High quality facilities and equipment that allow greater efficiency
● High profile clientele sharing the facility
● Professional, responsive staff
● Hygienic and clean general facilities
● 24X7 air-conditioning
● No long-term commitments
● Transparent costs, all inclusive pricing

To understand exactly how Workenstein will make a difference to your business, you must see it for yourself
Please call us on +91-44-46945566 or sales@workenstein.com, and we can arrange a tour of the facilities.

Workenstein offers you the flexibility to take on any number of workstations from 1 to 500.