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Office Types

24x7 dedicated and furnished offices with full access to all Workenstein services and amenities. For teams of any size, with room on demand for easy scaling up.

24x7 access to your dedicated desk, or desks, in shared space. Hit the ground running everyday at your own workstation. Includes full access to all workenstein amenities and services.

Office space when you need it, with a choice of daily, weekly or monthly pass (9 am -7 pm), open seating. Includes access to Workenstein services and amenities*.

Prestigious business address with dedicated telephone number answered by professional staff in your company's name, mail handling and forwarding services, access to events.

Best In class meeting rooms, for team meetings, seminars, or training sessions.

Why Workenstein works better for you

Ameneties Workenstein Business centre Conventional space
Office space rental XXXXXXX YYYYYYYYY
CAPEX on fit-outs Included Additional
Office furniture Included Additional
Electricity bill Included Additional
High speed Internet with firewall Included Additional
Telephone instrument Included Additional
Coffee/tea/water Included Additional
Housekeeping Included Additional
Security Included Additional
Building maintenance Included Additional
Equipment hire Included Additional
Contract term Flexible monthly contracts Fixed item
AMC on centre maintenance equipment Included Additional
Front office Included Additional
Contract T&Cs 2 pages 10+ pages
Space flexibility Take as much as you need with an option to increase the number of seats Fixed spaces

Many reasons to choose Workenstein


There’s always something exciting going on at Workenstein, with plenty of opportunities to find new connections and to learn. Talks by pioneers and leaders, gatherings with peers and industry seminars.


It fits your needs like a glove. You could take up private space with all the services and amenities of a full-fledged office, or share space, or just choose to use Workenstein as your official address. Most importantly, you can upscale at will.


Workenstein is a busy junction of ideas, doers and trends. It’s a place where you can easily link up with kindred souls and network with people who can add value to your business.

Fully supported

Workenstein comes with a directory of service providers, including accountants, designers and consultants. So when you need help, it’s always within reach.

Cost effective

You pay only for what you need. Everything from maintenance to communication costs is included in the rent, so you don’t waste time on calculations


You can’t satisfy your hunger for success on an empty stomach. The well equipped cafe at Workenstein keeps you fuelled and ready for anything.